• Lead marketing campaigns on Youtube, Facebook, website
  • Organize fundraising events, art shows, Award Dinner
  • Direct research or planning of the program.
  • Approach vendors in the area for supply donations ie: paints, clay, brushes
  • Support in grant writing
  • Help recruit future interns /volunteers for the program

Key operation focus:

  • Grant Writing Director and Intern
  • Event Planning Director and Intern
  • Community Outreach Director and Intern
  • Program Director and Intern
  • Marketing Director and Intern


  • Support Healing
  • The unique opportunity to interact with mental health clients and support their healing through art and compassion
  • Gaining an in-depth understanding of issues surrounding mental health


  • Leadership Opportunity
  • Leadership opportunities for project development, non-profit management, and event planning, such as golf tournaments, art shows, award dinner...etc.
  • Experience of solving interesting and challenging problems in a growing non-profit organization through creativity and strategic thinking
  • Leadership Track: after 6 months of internship, dedicated and committed interns can further to positions in Operation Directors or Board of Directors


  • Career Building
  • Obtain personalized letter of recommendation and stellar leadership experience for career building opportunities, 
  • Meet a group of passionate and energetic people on the COF team
  • Network with healthcare, non-profits, community leaders