Facilitate a weekly, 1-2 hour art class such as drama, music, painting, creative writing/poetry, movement, photography, pottery, guitar, etc. (Also keep in mind that we are continuously looking to incorporate new forms of expression!) If you’re interested in facilitating classes, know that we are looking for friendly, compassionate, self-driven individuals who can commit to at least 6 months of service. We also provide our interns and volunteers with personalized letters of recommendations for graduate schools application and career development. Teachers need not be professional artists or musicians; anyone can be a volunteer teacher! All you need is a passion for art and people.

Volunteer Art Teacher Responsibilities

We are hoping that you will remain committed and enthusiastic to participate in the opportunities offered at Circle of Friends (COF). Time and effort spent on this program will help not only the clients that we serve but will also assist you in building your job experience within the mental health and non­profit fields.

Lead sessions at the assigned facilities each week

  • Design lessons for each session by talking to clients to find out their interests, researching ideas on the internet and/or books, collaborating with COF team members, or working with the staff at the facility.
  • Conduct 1 one­ hour art session with up to 15 clients.
  • Come prepared with an activity that you would like to conduct with the clients including materials and clear instructions for clients to follow.
  • Arrive 15 minutes prior to the scheduled time to set­up for the class.  
  • Clean up after each session ensuring that the room and equipment are just as you found them. 
  • Contact the COF Coordinator and the facility if you are unable to attend a session.
  • Monitor supply needs and inform COF Coordinator when additional supplies are needed.
  • Provide 2 weeks notice if unable to complete a volunteer cycle.

Administrative Duties

  • Keep track of work hours each month and send via email to COF Coordinator.
  • When possible, track the number of clients attending each session and send updates to COF Coordinator.
  • Monthly check­in via email, phone, or in­person with COF Coordinator.
  • Provide feedback and/or ideas on lessons and projects for future use in classes.


  • Support Healing
  • The unique opportunity to interact with mental health clients and support their healing through art and compassion
  • Gaining an in-depth understanding of issues surrounding mental health


  • Leadership Opportunity
  • Leadership opportunities for project development, non-profit management, and event planning, such as golf tournaments, art shows, award dinner...etc.
  • Experience of solving interesting and challenging problems in a growing non-profit organization through creativity and strategic thinking
  • Leadership Track: after 6 months of internship, dedicated and committed interns can further to positions in Operation Directors or Board of Directors


  • Career Building
  • Obtain personalized letter of recommendation and stellar leadership experience for career building opportunities, 
  • Meet a group of passionate and energetic people on the COF team
  • Network with healthcare, non-profits, community leaders